About us


The single inspiration that lead to the establishment of Sushi I teriyaki and Grill was nothing more than the desire to introduce Japanese cuisine to our clients. Obsessive attention to detail should be the norm for sushi restaurants, not something to strive for. The complexity associated with creating the ideal sushi rice. The freshest fish from the ocean. The best vegetables from local  markets. A great sushi restaurant must also prioritize intangible ingredients such as dedication, passion, liveliness and heart.

We offer full-service Japanese cuisine menu including wine, beer and sake. Ah, in Japanese, “I” in the name Sushi I means “love.” We express this to our clients with our cuisine and service.

Chef Jay Shin brings a unique culinary craft and philosophy to Sushi I. Honed from years of formal study and practical training in fine dining in United States.

Chef Jay Shin grew up in Korea where at a young age he developed a love for food. He began his career as a chef in Miami and learned the fine art and techniques of Japanese cuisine, working there for 15 years. He also owned a sushi restaurant in Spokane. 

Our manager and host Eunjun Kim will greet you and make sure your experience at Sushi I will be satisfying.


Douzo meshiagare